Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Colin-11 Months Old

I cannot believe we are only ONE month away (tomorrow) from Colin's FIRST birthday!!! Holy smokes, where did the past year go?!?!  Ahhh! And we are so not prepared!!!

Well this little guy has quite the personality. He LOVES attention, and seems like a little spitfire sometimes. He loves to bang his hands down on his highchair right now, and when you are holding him if you are not paying attention to him, he will hit at you with his hands. When you smile at him, he flashes a big one right back at you...he has a way of captivating your attention!!

Colin is getting so big. He weighs around 21 lbs. and fits best in 12 month clothes. My favorite outfits of his right now are his blue and gray striped pjs with the rocket on them, the red and blue striped pjs with the racoon, and his little light teal shirt with the moose on it, along with the Trail shirt, with gray sleeves, all Carters. Love that brand. He is fitting into size 4 shoes, and size 4 diapers, which are still just a tiny bit too big.

He is ALMOST walking, and can really truck along when he's pushing a walker toy. He is getting fast! Just not daring enough yet to take any steps on his own, but is also walking along furniture with no problem. He crawls super fast now too.

He is eating pretty well. He is mainly eating food and only really takes a bottle before bed, usually one in the night still, and then sometimes one in the morning, but sometimes he won't drink it.  He is still eating baby food but doing pretty good with table food. Some things he eats better than others. He loves bananas, but not too many other fruits yet.  He does well with carbs, and chicken. And we are getting there with like peas and carrots.

Colin still has two teeth on the bottom, and two that are just now breaking through on the top. That has made for some rough nights lately!

I can't really think of any favorite toys that he has. He really just crawls around everything and plays with toys that the kids already have out and about.

He LOVES his pacis still.
He does great in the van and when we are traveling.

He still takes two naps a day, although the morning one is typically short since we are busy running errands or whatever and then he will take a longer one in the afternoon. He is usually sleeping by around 7:30-8 pm and wakes up anytime between 5:30-6:30 am. Sometimes he will drink that bottle and get back to sleep, and other times he cries so I will let him play in the jumpy while I'm working out and getting the kids ready to head to Gray's school.

He is super ticklish and likes to be played with while diaper changes and getting dressed. He kicks his feet a lot though and tries to roll over which makes this a huge feat to do sometimes. He like's to throw these little fits. He's a stinker!! :)

So far he is saying mama, dada and last week I taught him to say Uh-Oh so he keeps trying to sound that out, and it is really cute!

He really loves Gray and Nora, and just lights up when they come into the room, especially if they acknowledge him! Although Nora likes to pull him down from things onto his butt, which he really dislikes.

He loves going into the bathroom, and tries to play in Nora's potty, so we keep him out of there. He loooooves his bath time though and sits up independently in the tub now, with the kids, which he's been doing for a couple months.

Colin also does amazing anytime that I drop him off at MOPS or the nursery at church, and the helpers always tell me the same thing-- that he was a super happy boy the entire time and just played contently! I am thankful for the easiness that he brings in that, because it would be hard if he cried when I dropped him off.

That is all I can think of for now! Here are some fun things we have done in the past month:

Joined Stroller Strides for the month- and Colin and Nora both do great! They love to watch the mommas workout, eat snacks and enjoy the ride when I walk or run with the stroller. Colin also takes a good nap occassionally!
Had a playdate at Jamie's house with Dexter and Isla
Gone to the dentist a couple times for Gray's and mommy's cleanings, and he does great.
MOPS started
He comes with us to Nora's dance class and gets into all sorts of mischief there.
Got to have fun with his Uncle Joe when he visited for a couple of days.  We went to Schwailler's orchard while he was here (along with two other times since then.)
Celebrated Graydon's 5th Birthday
Had a great together with at Paul and Naomi's with Jon and Shelly as well. All the kids love to play together! He also had his first pumpkin pie that day and LOVED it. Yelled for more!!
Had a playdate at Kerri's house with Ava, Maelyn and Aubrey, and tried to eat a Barbie shoe!