Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Nora-11 Months Old

Highlights from the past month:

New Years Eve at a hotel
New Years party at the Corbins
New Years Day at Chris's parents house
Play dates at Marci's on Wednesdays
Megan's Sprinkle shower at Zehnders
Met up to hang out with Maegan, Kendyl and Cooper at the jump place in Birch Run.
Christmas cleanup
Lauren and her friend Jason came over for dinner
I started my Beth Moore bible study, Esther (love it!!)
MOPS started back up again for the spring semester
Chris had another interview
Tucker's 2nd Birthday Party at Chuck E. Cheese
Preparing for Nora's 1st Birthday Party
Crazy amounts of snow!
Nora started her version of "crawling"

This past month has been pretty laid back, and it has been awesome! We did so much traveling and running around over the Holiday has been nice to just relax and slow down a bit. The winter season is the perfect time to do so.

Nora is getting huge! I am pretty sure that she weighs around 20 lbs now. She has definitely had a growth spurt and you can see it in her cheeks and thighs. She is fitting nicely into 12 month size clothing and the 12 month jammies are starting to seem a bit short. We really only put these little pink slippers on her when we go out, but I am pretty sure that she is probably almost fitting into size 3 shoes now. I hope so, because I have a really cute pair for her to wear to her birthday party. She has still been wearing size 3 Kirkland brand diapers but she has been leaking out of them, so I am about to switch her to size 4 the next time we buy some.
She is not a huge fan of getting dressed, or her diaper changed. I try to distract her by singing or giving her a toy but she just likes to drop them and say UH OH! She likes to thrash around and try to roll over. She is definitely moving A LOT now!

Speaking of words, her favorite is still Uh Oh, then Dada, and also Oh Oh Oh which I think is her mimicking what I do to tell her no. It is cute. The funniest thing that she started doing is mimicking us saying "Good Job!" which we say a lot to her and to Graydon. We couldn't believe it when she first started doing it and now she does it all the time.  She hasn't said Hi in a while but still says Yeah a lot too.  She also babbles a lot!  Nora LOVES to clap especially if we say "yay!!!"

Nora started her own version of crawling about a week or two ago.  She scoots on her butt using her left foot and the right knee. It is pretty cute and hilarious, and it works for her! She can move around pretty quick that way now.  She tries to pull herself up on stuff a lot but has only made it to her knees without help so far.

She has been doing alright with eating food. She definitely has her favorites and if she doesn't like something she spits it out and throws it on the floor. Also if she is full or decides she doesn't want anymore of what is in front of her, she starts to throw it on the floor. I have to watch her, because she likes to make a big mess!  She definitely doesn't like vegetables, or even avocados. It is frustrating and I have to get really creative to get her to eat them.   Her favorites are bread/carbs, cheese, yogurt and fruit. I am hoping we can get better about eating protein and vegetables soon!
She started doing really great drinking water and then I had to brilliant idea to just start giving her smaller sippy cups that had a straw and she figured it out right away. It is so much easier now to just give her the cup and let her drink during our meals if she wants to. She is also still nursing before meals, around nap times, before bed and usually once at night, sometimes twice.  She loves to eat cheerios and her puff snacks, or yogurt bites.  It is crazy to think that Graydon still ate mostly baby food purees at this time. He was a lot more physically advanced though.

Nora consistently takes 2 naps now, one in the morning for about an hour and then another in the afternoon for up to 2 hours if I'm lucky! She goes to bed sometime between 7:30 and 8 and usually wakes up anytime between 6-8 am.

Her two top teeth are going to pop through any day.  She has been cranky because of it periodically but thankfully it hasn't been too rough yet.

Nora loves to play with Graydon and will follow him all around. He likes to play with her too, but she annoys him a bit. ;) He likes to be bossy and tell her what to do, or yell at her and tell her NO etc.  He likes things to be in order, and she has definitely started getting into everything.

She loves to jump in the jumpy, and also really enjoys bath time as does Graydon. He really likes to be in the tub with her so they can play with their toys together.

She is not a huge fan of when we have to leave the house right now and have to put on hats, gloves and coats. I think it's mostly because she doesn't like her hands being covered up. She seems to be getting big for the infant carrier as well, so I look forward to putting her in the Britax that is still in Chris's car, but I'm thinking we will try to wait until late spring or early summer to do that.

Also want to note that she does really well anytime we drop her off to the church nursery or I go to MOPs, or with our babysitters.  But if I am around and she is tired and I try to give her to someone, even Chris, she will definitely let us know that is wants me. It is pretty funny/cute and Chris and I usually crack up and go awww!

That is all for now.  I cannot believe she is almost one...this last year has flown by!

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