Monday, October 28, 2013

Nora-8 Months Old

Highlights from the past month:

Graydon's 3rd Birthday, party at Marci's, party with Chris's family
Marci's kids came over to play one night
Making popsicles and applesauce
MOPS every other Thursday
MOPS playdate at Koetsiers Greenhouse
Graydon started gymnastics on Thursday evenings.
Pumpkin Path at Lamar Park-Nora's first "Halloween outing" where she got to dress up
Dinner at Grandpa Mike and Grandma Lyn's
Afternoon trip to Robinette's
Graydon's 3 year doctor appointment along with Nora's booster flu shot.
Went to Aquinas twice to watch our friend Brooke play volleyball
Graydon had his first overnight at a friend's house. Nora came out to eat with Chris and I to Osgood
We visited the Vintage Coopersville Pumpkin Train with Chris's family
MOPS playdate at our group leaders church nursery
Had Bob and Jeanne over for dinner.
Zumba ended
Toddler time at the library, along with borrowing several books every other week.

Nora is definitely getting bigger and seems so long! She is weighing around 16  lbs. She still fits into some 6 month size clothing but can also fit into 9 month now, especially sleepers. She doesn't wear shoes too much yet but once in a while I put this pair of pink boots on her that are size 2. Her feet are so tiny! We have mostly been using disposables the past month of so, just because it has been a lot easier for me, and we are using size 3 Kirkland brand.

Nora is still doing really great eating solids and even better than Graydon at this point as fast as chunks in the food. I make a lot of her food for her so I think she has gotten used to that! I can even mush up a banana and mix it into some cereal and she loves it. We could never do that with Graydon! She definitely still loves fruits the best. She easily eats a solid 3 meals and nurses before and after and at least once or twice in the night.  This month I started letting her have Baby Mum Mums and she absolutely loves them. I keep them on hand when we are out and about and if she starts to fuss I just give her one and it keeps her so happy! We also started giving her some puffs and some yogurt bites and she is starting to do really well picking them up with her fingers and getting them into her mouth.

Sleep this past month has not been the greatest again. She had a bit of a cold after she got her flu shot so I am not sure if that was why or what. I keep wondering if she is teething but nothing yet! She rolls over onto her side a lot so I am wondering if that wakes her up sometimes and she just likes to comfort nurse. It doesn't seem to me like she is really that hungry in especially if it has only be like two hours since she woke last.

She loves to play with and pull my hair while she is nursing.
She is pretty ticklish and we all love to make her giggle!

Nora still hates being on her stomach. Graydon was crawling at 8.5 months and she is not even close but she is doing AMAZING at sitting up all by herself! She loves to sit on the floor and play with all of her toys. She also really enjoys her jumpy or the exersaucer. Since she has been able to sit up she hasn't spent much time of her back and just cries when she falls over so she hasn't rolled over much either. She can stand up very well against things for a decent amount of time but I usually stay close by so she doesn't topple over. She is still very unsteady.

Verbally she is still saying Na Na Na Na.  Once in a while we will hear a Da Da. She really lost to blow spit out with her tongue. It is pretty funny and cute, except when she likes to do it while she is eating and spits her food out everywhere. She has quite the little personality!

She is finally fitting in her high chair well and can sit it in without toppling over. I keep a towel in there which seems to help.

Nora still lets out a yell when she is getting upset and she likes to growl at us a lot, it is pretty hilarious.

She still loves watching Gray. It is nice because sometimes he can keep her entertained for a bit if I am busy and she is getting impatient.

Like I said above, no teeth yet but I check almost every day!  Graydon had 2 at this point!

She likes to kick her left foot out a lot, and like bangs it on the floor. Seems like it would hurt but she does it all the time!

Nora still loves being held a lot. I guess that is all for this month!

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