Monday, October 7, 2013

Nora-7 Months Old

Highlights from the past month:

Playdates at Marci's house on Wednesdays
Labor Day weekend trip to Birch Run-stayed with Emileigh and Nate and kids before their move to Florida for 5 days
Met Arik and Andrers, my friend Kendyl's new twin baby boys
Nora's 6 Month Professional photo & family shoot
Nora transitioned down to her crib
Nora had her first day in the church nursery, which went GREAT!
Cherry Street picnic at Lamar Park
Graydon and Amelia's 3rd Birthday Party-Dora and Diego theme; also a Thanksgiving get together with the family to say farewell to Nate and Em
Met Jessica's baby girl, Elizabeth Susanne; toured ArtPrize with them
Bob and Jeanne came over for ArtPrize and we had a family dinner at our house.
Gage's Birthday Party at Marci's house
Zumba on Wednesday nights
ACT Team cookout for Cherry Street
Weekend trip to Horton Bay with Nancy
Nora had a Doc appointment regarding her lip tie and they recommended that we do not do anything.
Started MOPS at Calvary Church every other Thursday and LOVE it! The kids are doing great too.
Toddler time at the library, along with borrowing several books every other week.

Nora had her 6 month doctor appointment a little late, on Sept. 12th. She weighed in at 14 lbs. 1 oz.- 15%.  Her height was 26.5 in- 75% (she does seem long considering how petite her body shape is!) and her head circumfrence was 16.75 in.-50%.
When I weighed her a couple days ago at 7 months she was around 15.5 lbs. She is definitely getting so much bigger and almost growing out of her 6 month clothing. She is almost fitting into 9 month clothes now. When I pick her up she is feeling more "solid" to me! Her feet are still tiny little things though and she can still fit into size one shoes! When I try to put size 2 on her, they are just way too big. Graydon always had fat little feet, so this is new to me! :)

We are still using cloth diapers when we can but when we use disposables she wears a size 2, except in the Kirkland brand she is wearing a size 3.

As far as food, Nora is doing tremendously well with solids. I am honestly surprised how well it went from the get go. She has tried pretty much everything now and has not had any issues that we are aware of as far as her tummy is concerned. She eats 3 meals a day and typically two of those include some rice cereal mixed with breastmilk along with 1-2 containers of baby food. It amazes me how much food she can put down sometimes! She still nurses 1-2 times during the night, along with before every meal and before all her naps, and after her naps as well, depending. So she is still nursing a lot which is fine with me as well. I am just a lot happier now because she sleeping a bit more at night, which means I am sleeping better as well!

Her favorite foods are definitely fruits. Anything with bananas in it...the mixed berries with banana. She doesn't mind pears and apples etc. She is not a huge fan of veggies, sweet potatoes we are still on the fence sometimes and she HATES anything with meat in it, it seems. I usually have to mix fruit in it to get her to eat it. 

When we transitioned Nora down to her crib she pretty much did great from the get go. She loves to sleep on her is so cute! If she wakes up once it is usually around 2 am, and if twice then usually around 11:30 and then 2:30-3 am or so. She usually goes down around 8-8:30ish and up around 6:30 am for the day. Sometimes if Graydon is still sleeping then I can get her back down until like 7:30-8 am but that is RARE. :)  She typically takes two naps, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. She sleeps well in the car or in her swing but hates napping in her crib which I do not understand because she does so well at nighttime!

Nora hates being on the floor these days. I have been trying to work with her and she is ALMOST sitting up by herself but still topples over so I have to sit right there with her.  She hates being on her stomach still and won't stay on her back for too long. She loves being in her jumpy of the exersaucer, and loves playing with all her little rattles and teething toys. I am so mad at myself because when we were shopping with lost both her Sophie and her little mushroom toy made by the same company, that Chris called the Nipple Head (haha).  Nora still trying to do pilates and "sit up", it is hilarious. She even does it in the middle of the night when she wakes up and tries to see if we are coming for her.

The 3 things are stick out to us right now as far as her being verbal are the following: She says Na Na Na Na a lot, geee geee geee and clicks her tongue, which she will mimic you on all of these! It is so cute.

If her feet are out, she will stick them in her mouth. Or her sock too. It's pretty funny. No teeth coming through yet but I think maybe soon as she seems to be fussy lately.

We have been calling her Little Miss Grabby Hands lately because she wants to grab and reach for everything! She has knocked stuff off the table, off our plates, etc.

We typically sit her in her bumbo when we feed her because the high chair still seems to swallow her whole. I cannot WAIT until she fits in it a little better.

I love giving Nora big hugs and she seems to "hug back." It is so cute! We definitely tend to kiss her all over so I'm sure she will be a "kisser" just like Graydon is. :)

She does this high pitched sort of "yell" when she is unhappy and wants our attention.

She LOVES playing with Graydon. The best part of my day is watching then smile and laugh and feed of of each other. If he gets close to her she just wants to touch her face, hair, clothes etc. He can keep her quite entertained!

She really likes to watch TV and can be quite relaxed just sitting on your lap for a while. Graydon was never like that, he was SO active! Nora would be content being held, all day long. :)

Well, that is all for now. Until next month!

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