Friday, April 8, 2011

6 Months Old!

*I wrote this last week, on Graydon's 6 month Birthday.*

I cannot believe that our sweet little man if half a year old already! Where has the time gone? He is doing so many new things, it just amazes us. Each day we are like hmm...he was not doing that yesterday?

He goes Mmmmm a lot, and sucks on his bottom lip.
He also started shrieking a couple weeks ago!! It is so cute. He is becoming quite vocal. His main thing that he says a lot is Da da da da da. I try to get him to say Ma ma, but not yet. :)
Graydon is so interactive. He smiles and giggles all the time, and if you are laughing he thinks it is funny and will laugh too! I also got him to belly laugh the other day. He will also giggle sometimes when we are changing him.

Speaking of changing him/dressing him, depending on his mood sometime it is way harder than others. He likes to arch his back, kick down his feet really hard (not good if you have a poopy diaper lying there), or try to roll over. Anything to escape putting clothes on! You have to be quick with the diaper too so he doesn't pee everywhere. He doesn't do it often but once in a while.....
He also likes to grab our arms when we are changing him and hold on to them, it is cute. I just asked Chris today if he did that to him too. I guess that he grabs his arm hair and pulls it, lol.

He likes to grab at my hair and pull it as well. Sometimes it seems like he is using them as reins! He will also grab for my necklaces or earrings if I am wearing them. Also peoples faces, he likes to touch them and pinch.
He is grabbing at everything now and can hold on to things really well. He is becoming quite curious! Along with feeling different textures and whatnot.
He can also pick up his pacifier by himself now if he sees it, and put it into his mouth.

Anything you hand to him goes straight into his mouth and he is drooling everywhere.

He is super ticklish on his legs by his thighs, loooves to be thrown up into the air. Also play airplane and peek-a-boo.

His hair is getting blonder and blonder. Chris was super blond when he was little so it does not surprise me.

Both of his feet touch the ground now in his jumpy. That kid is such a mover and a shaker! Still everyone's main comment regarding him is how strong he is.

He can sit up by himself, but will topple over. He is getting better at it though! For some reason he likes to fall forward. He has hit his face a couple times. We are working at it!

He still prefers to stand. We mostly just hold him by his armpits for balance. He likes to "dance" as we call it, and rock back and forth constantly. It is like he wants to just take off running! He will stand against things for quite some time and his balance is improving.

He has rolled over from his back to his stomach, but Heidi, our daycare provider, and us have yet to see it. He has been soooo close numerous times. It will happen soon I just know it!

He doesn't have any teeth coming through yet.

Still loves his bath time soo much and getting better at sitting in the tub. He loves to splash all around. We use Aveeno soap and lotion for him. It seems to work well and does not dry his skin out. It is moisturizing and has oatmeal in it.

He loves his swing for taking naps, but I am wanting to break that habit soon. We will see how naps go in his crib soon!

I believe that Graydon weighs around 16.5 lbs. according to our scale at home. He is growing out of 6 month clothes already. He is so tall! All of his pajamas that fit him are either 9 or 12 month sizes, it is crazy. Otherwise his little toes are just about to poke through anything else! 6 month pants fit him best, but are still a little big in the waste, unless he is wearing a cloth diaper.

We were bad about cloth diapering this past month and mostly used disposables, which is wears a size 3 in now.
His poops are getting stiiiinky by the way. I am sure because of eating solids.

He just recently started eating them more frequently. He has some in the morning and in the evening. He has now tried: sweet potatoes, squash, bananas, apples, and peaches. He always has a little bit with some rice cereal. He is a great eater, will open his mouth and pushes it down well with his tongue.

WOW. As I am sitting here typing I just heard him say Ma ma! Yay! :)
He also says ba ba ba a lot. So we call his bottle his "Ba Ba".

This past month Graydon was sick for a week around St. Patty's Day and got RSV. That was not fun at all. His temperature got up to over 103 degrees, and he was coughing like crazy. We could barely get him to eat. I know he lost some weight that week. When he would eat from the bottle he would maybe eat 1 ounce, and then he would cough and gag so hard that he would vomit it back up. He had to sleep by us in our room upright in his swing, and we had a vaporizer going. The day I took him to the doctor they gave him a breathing treatment right there at the office and then made us take him to get a chest x-ray. He also ended up having an ear infection in one ear and was put on amoxicillin. Thankfully it only lasted a week though! We felt so bad for him...he just seemed so helpless. He just was not himself!

Graydon is getting more cuddly, mostly when he is tired. Sometimes it feels like he is hugging you...I love it.
He is still happiest in the morning and a little grumpy butt in the evening. I just honestly think that he is so tired from playing all day. I guess that he loves to watch the other little boys run around and play when he is at daycare, and he loves his jumpy there too. By the time we get him home he is a tired boy, not to mention I think that he just gets bored with us! We are not as entertaining. :)

I think that is all for now. He is just changing so much every day, I am sure that I will have a lot more to write next month!


Patrick and Megan said...

You're catching up on your posts :) When does he have his check-up?

Anne said...

This coming Wednesday! I am most excited to see how tall he is.

The Buchingers said...

Great post again Anne...I love to read about all the new stuff both Graydon and Amelia are doing! I'll be having to do a post soon on Adam...can't believe it!

Dottie said...

Loved your posts too especially the month to month progressions. Amazing! Going to be a strong little boy!