Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Colin-9 Months Old!

Colin is growing so fast these days, we can barely keep up with him! He is crawling super fast and pulling himself up on everything now. He loves to get up on our entertainment center and play with the DVD player, so that has been an issue. If he can pull something out of the laundry basket or toy box, he goes for it. In the dining room he likes to pull out the computer cord, which drives Chris crazy. He likes to try to chew on the vacuum cord too. He has started standing himself up on the window ledge, and likes to try to play with the blinds and cord.  In the kitchen he is always getting right up into the refrigerator the second we open the door, and of course goes right to the stairs, so we have to keep the gate closed at all times now. The bathroom is a whole other story....he likes to try to stick his hand in Nora's little potty, loves to spin the knobs on the vanity drawers. The one days I watched him climb up onto the little step stool and start to lean over into the bath tub. Thank goodness I was there! I just keep that door closed now if I can, but sometimes the kids forget to shut it. In his bedroom he loves to pull the books down and make a big mess. He isn't in Gray and Nora's bedroom too often, but they like to get all of their kitchen food out sometimes and he will chew on whatever they offer him!  Needless to say, he is keeping us quite busy! Now that he is so mobile, he really despises being put into his jumpy, which is hard because that is my safety net for if I have to take a shower etc! He will either start to cry right away or gets frustrated after a short while and wants out. On August 10th...that day was a big day. He transitioned from crawling to sitting up all of a sudden, and that was the day that he pulled himself to standing for the first time. He also started saying Mama!! I was like YAY! It is still the only real word that he babbles! This is a first for our kids, so it makes me excited!

Colin is weighing around 20 lbs. now and wearing size 9 month clothes, but 12 month pajamas fit him the best. He rarely wears shoes, but when he does fits OK in a size 3, and is still also wearing size 3 diapers.  My favorite outfits of his are his Detroit Tigers onesie outfit, or his little navy and gray striped hooded shirt from Gymboree with baby jeans. He has the cutest little chubby thighs, chin and cheeks!  He is also quite ticklish, which is fun. :)

He loves bath time, and likes to "bear crawl" around in the water, so we do not put much in there. He is doing awesome with sitting up on his own in there now as well. He loves trying to splash the water everywhere...and not a fan of getting out and getting dried off.

Colin has two little teeth now on the bottom! We noticed his first one come in on Saturday, August 1st, that evening. I realized that was why he had been fussy lately.  He is a great eater and LOVES his baby food. He is doing cereal and fruit in the morning, around two containers of fruit/veg for lunch, and protein, veg and a bit of fruit at dinner. He also drinks around 24-30 oz. of formula (Enfamil Gentlease still.)  He still spits up sometimes, usually after breakfast when he is crawling all around. It gets all over the floor and then he smears it everywhere, typically before I notice to clean it up. He is a stinker! :) He also loves his Puffs and mum mums when we have them. So far he has tried some french fries and a dill pickle which he loved! He tried to knaw on a green bean but wasn't a fan.  

He usually goes to bed around 7:30ish and gets up between 7-8 am. He still wakes up 1-2 times a night for a diaper change and bottle. He is usually SO wet, sometimes I have to change his pjs too. He likes to snuggle one of his little blankets usually, and I always put like 3 pacis (MAMs) in his crib so when he wakes up he can find one easily. He likes to toss them out so it's a hunt everyday to figure out where he threw them around the crib.  He hasn't been pulling himself to standing YET that we know if, but he has figured out how to reach the mobile to turn it on, and somehow he also pulls down the little while polar bear (and only that one) off of it. Not sure how he is doing this!! He is such a happy little guy when I first go in his bedroom to get him when he wakes up, unless it's the night and he is crying! He gives me a big smile, and I love it! I wish he liked to be rocked and cuddled more but usually after his bottle he wants to lay right now. He also sleeps on his stomach now a lot, which I was waiting for since Gray and Nora did the same thing.

Well here are some fun things that we did in the last month!

Jazz in the Park
Park playdate with Andrew, Elliot and Sammy
Pool day at Grandma and Grandpa's house
Grand Rapids Balloon Festival
Nora started potty training
Flicks Kid Festival to see Despicable Me
Playdate for Colin and Nora at neighbor Jill's house while we did Graydon's school assessment
Naomi and Tucker came over to play for a couple hours one Sunday
BBQ at the Marsh's house
Stayed at Grandma and Grandpa's house for a couple nights when I hurt my back, and for Unity Festival
Played with Camden at Catch Air while our flooring got done in the kitchen
Went to Elliot's house for a playdate
Uccelo's for lunch, and Boulder Ridge Animal Park with Grandma Jeanne, Grandpa Bob and Aunt Barb
Splashpad playdate with Wendy and Myles and his sister.
Playdate with Jamie, Dexter and Isla
Went to the thumb to stay with Jaja and Busha, Aunt Brenda, and went to my family reunion