Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Nora- 12 Months Old!

Highlights from the past month:

Birthday day with Lyn/kids at Marci's daycare
Birthday gathering at Z's
Super Bowl Party at Jason and Andrea's house
Beth Moore Study on Monday evenings/evenings with Daddy
Playtime at the Treehouse at the mall
My Birthday
Wine and Scattegories
Birthday dinner with Chris's parents and Aunt Barb
Got my hair chopped!
Our little friend Emma came over to play for a day
Nora's 1st Valentine's Day
San Chez with the Corbins/kids played with Justin and Janelle
Our friend Joe's birthday party in Saranac
Nora started pulling herself up on things!
Day at the Children's Museum with Marci's Daycare
Nora's 1st Birthday Party!
Our little friend Blake came over to play for a day
Nora started standing up by herself!
Visited Erica at Creative Solutions for the morning
Nora's 1st Birthday!

The month of February flew by! There was something going every single day it seemed, along with getting ready for Nora's party in the meantime. 

Nora is growing well. The girl LOVES to eat, so it doesn't surprise me. At her one year checkup (which was actually on March 5th) she weighed 21 lbs. 6 oz, 73%;  30.75 inches, 93% (she may have some petite features, but just like her brother, she is tall!) and head circumference was 17.5 inches, 36%.
She is still wearing all 12 month size clothing, and now wears size 3 shoes.  She wears size 4 Kirkland brand diapers.

Nora's nicknames: Chunker butt, chubber thighs, chubber cheeks, chubbers, stinker butt, stinker girl, girl, little love, Nora Anne...there are probably more that I am not remembering!

Nora is still really babbling a lot, and her favorite words right now are DaDa and Yeah!  She always cracks us up when we ask her a question and she answers is YEAH! really enthusiastically. She is a little bit of a yeller, especially when she wants something....food specifically!

We are learning a lot lately about her personality, and I think she is just really sensitive. If we tell her "No  no Nora!" she usually starts crying right away with a big pout, like we really hurt her feelings. It is sort of cute, and makes us feel bad. I just cannot believe how easily she cries sometimes. Maybe it is because she is a girl. :)

Like I said above, Nora started pulling herself up on stuff and within a week of that was standing up on her own.  She still wasn't really taking any steps on her own by her birthday.  She seems very proud of herself!  She also waves and points really well. She is still doing her little one legged butt scoot and everyone thinks it is hilarious and cute.

Nora is doing pretty great eating food now.  For breakfast she likes to eat fruit, yogurt or yogurt bites, cheerios and milk.  She is drinking a 50/50 mix of almond milk and organic whole milk now.  For lunch she loves to eat fruit, cottage cheese, sandwiches (cheese, turkey, ham etc) pasta, tomato soup, chicken sandwiches, steamed veggies (which for a while I was supplementing with veggie/fruit pouches but now she is finally eating veggies really great), black beans, avocados, eggs etc. For snacks we usually have water, and one or two of the following: applesauce, goldfish, veggie straws, crackers etc.  And for dinner she eats whatever we eat, but pretty much everything I listed above are her favorites! She will also eat hot dogs, cheese burgers, mac and cheese etc. She is a great eater and a lot of times will eat more than Graydon does!

As I said above, Nora drinks milk now. We weaned right before her birthday and she did a really great job. I cut out the nighttime feedings, then nap time feedings and went from there. She did so well and thankfully it was a lot easier than I feared it would be!

Nora is down to one nap a day now and it usually ranges from 1-3 hours long, right after lunchtime.  She usually wakes anywhere between 6 am and 7:30ish, and goes to bed around 7:30 pm. She gets super cranky if she is tired! She loves to be rocked or held to sleep. Only once in a while can we put her down wide awake..she isn't having that! She is really doing great sleeping all night in her crib, thankfully! It has been great to be sleeping so well again!

Nora's top teeth finally popped through right before her birthday, so she has 4 teeth now. They sure are taking their sweet time!  We have also started to brush them before bedtime and she seems to enjoy it. :)

Nora and Gray are still best buds and love to play together.  They still get mad at each other at times but they are so cute, and she will follow him everywhere! She likes to play hide and seek and peekaboo with him! Peekaboo is her favorite game to play. 

She still loves to play in the bath, although we have to be a bit more careful now since she loves to be standing the whole time and doesn't want to sit down.  She also still loves her jumpy but would prefer to be out and about. 

Nora is still riding rear facing in the infant carrier.  I finally took the Bundle Me out of the seat because it is getting a bit warmer. And by a bit, I mean like only ten degrees...it has been such a cold winter!

A change from last month would be that Nora is now experiencing some separation anxiety once in a while when we got to MOPS or drop her off at the nursery at church. And if I am around, she still prefers me over anyone.  I usually just feel bad for Chris when she doesn't want him and he wants to snuggle and kiss her! She will get mad and start to cry.

Nora loves to watch TV.  She really seems to like Yo Gabba Gabba, which we do not watch too often but when we do it just like puts her in a trance! She will watch the TV whenever there is something on that Graydon is watching.

She loves to dance if there is music on and it is so cute!  She sort of just shakes her torso and head back and forth, and smiles at you to make sure you are watching; it is hilarious!

Her favorite toys right now are Graydon's tools, her walking/riding dino, and her baby dolls. She is SO cute with them and likes to squeeze them and give them hugs. It is beyond adorable.She also loves to play with the magnets on the fridge.

A couple of "stinker" things....if the gate is open to get to the basement steps, she heads right for them.  If we open the fridge, she heads right for it to play with stuff. If we open the bathroom door, she tries to sneak in...she loves to get to the bath toys which drives Gray nuts because he thinks they are ONLY for bath time...and now that she is standing she has tried to open the toilet a few times, so we are definitely good about keeping that door shut. She loves to push the buttons on the VCR.  She likes to open the cupboards in the kitchen.  She likes to pull all of her books off the shelf.  She likes to knock her camera down off of her crib. She likes to sneak into Niles' bed and lay down, which I hate because then she is covered in dog hair, lol. She loves to throw her food and drink on the floor (this has gotten A LOT better lately.)

I think that is about all. Nora Anne, you have quite the little personality and we cannot believe you are ONE already! This past year flew by so fast, and we are excited to see what the next year holds for you and how you continue to develop! We love you so much. <3 br="">

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