Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Nora- 9 Months Old

Highlights from the past month:

Trick or Treating party at Northwestern Mutual
Halloween Party at Nancy's house
MOPS every other Thursday
Graydon finished his 6 week gymnastics class on Thursday evenings.
MSU vs. U of M game
Family yard raking fun.
Our little friend Blake visited one day.
Happy Hour with Kerri and Dave at The Bob
Brooke's Volleyball game at Aquinas
Play date at Kerri K's house
Family dinner night at the Boerma's
Lunch at Northwestern Mutual with Nancy and Beth
Mops Girls Night at Terra
Grammy Marion and Grandma Lyn visited
Yule Run I'll Walk
Gavin's 1st Birthday Party at Kava House
Visited the GR Downtown Market
Hunger Games 2 and food at Twisted Rooster with Kerri and Kathy
Did pictures are home for Christmas cards at the end of the month.
Put the Christmas decorations up outside.
Nora's 1st and Graydon's 4th Thanksgiving!

Once again, Nora seems so much bigger this month than last month. She is really growing! She is weighing at least 17 lbs. now and wearing all 9 month clothing, except for sleepers which she has to wear 12 months or they are too short. She is still wearing size 2 shoes, and mostly wears her little pink boots when we are out and about. She is also still wearing size 3 Kirkland brand diapers.

Nora is doing great eating food and even enjoys eating little bits of bread. I think she will start eating table food sooner than later. Her favorite is still fruit, or breakfast in general. She also loves her little "snackies" as we call them, which consist of Mum Mums, puffs, or yogurt bites. I am still making most of her vegetables and some fruits. She loves mashed up bananas and is still nursing several times a day, usually before meals and little snacks in between or before naps.

Sleep has been decent and she usually wakes up twice a night to nurse.

No teeth yet but I can tell they are going to pop through any time!

Nora is a pro at sitting up now and gets around by moving around everywhere. It isn't really a full on scoot YET, but that is how she gets around. She hates her stomach still and refuses to get up on her hands and knees.

She is still saying "Hi", Da da da, and na na na.  I think that is her way of saying Mama. Not sure though! 

Nora also learned how to clap this month and it is SO cute!

When I tell her "kisses" and give her a kiss she likes to click her tongue and blow her lips. I think that is her way of imitating us. After we do that she will also snuggle in and put her head into our shoulder! It is so adorable!

She sits in her high chair totally fine now.

Nora is still growling A LOT. Especially if she doesn't like something. I figure it's probably normal but she does it so often! She still gets mad a lot too if I walk out of the room or leave her alone...haha.

She loves playing with Graydon. Also loves her jumpy and exersaucer but only for a certain amount of time.   She doesn't really have any favorite toys or lovies that she gravitates towards.

I think that is all for this month!

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