Friday, August 30, 2013

Nora-6 Months Old

Highlights from the past month:

Jazz at the Zoo on Monday evenings-last night was Aug. 12th for the summer
Playdates at Marci's house
Bachelor Finale Girls Party
Jessica's Baby Shower
First Dental Appointment-Confirmed significant upper lip tie
Mercy Health Zoo Family Night with Lyn and Mike
Zumba Event at Lamar Park
Sage's 3rd Birthday Party
Visiting the Cakabakery
Bonfire at Matt and Keri's
Loud day of roof repairs!
First time at the Movies-We saw Turbo
First time in the jumpy
Visiting Grandpa Bob, Grandma Jeanne and Auntie Barb
Daddy built us our very own swingset!
Daddy's Birthday-Lunch at Founders, Dinner at Frankenmuth Brewery
Stayed the night at Aunt Emileigh's house
Jaworski Family Reunion
Graydon's First Dentist Appointment
Lauren visits and spends the night
Nora starts eating solids!
Lunch with Northwestern Mutual friends
Graydon rides his big boy bike.
Weekend trip to Manistee

The month of August was obviously, easily our busiest month this summer so far, if not this year! We had so much going on and traveled almost every weekend.

Nora is currently weighing in around 13 lbs. We are still using cloth diapers as long as we aren't traveling and  disposables at night. She is still wearing size 2!

We haven't even bothered trying to give Nora any sort of bottle this past month. She is still nursing around the cloth and usually twice at night if not more frequently, depending on if it's a good night or not. This mama has been very tired lately!

We started eating solids this month, yay! We tried it on Wednesday, August 21, so Nora was almost 6 months.  We started of with bananas, and she wasn't too sure. Since then we have also tried pears which she seems to like, applesauce which seems just OK, and sweet potatoes which she seems to like a lot! Her poop has definitely changed since then and is harder. She hasn't been pooping as much at all which sort of concerns me but I guess that is normal since her diet is changing. I only feed her the solids maybe twice a day and it is just a small amount. Usually either half a small container. She still seems to be nursing a lot which is fine with me and good for her.

Nora is still sleeping upstairs in the Arms Reach co sleeper next to our bed. She isn't the greatest sleeper in my opinion and I have had a really hard time getting her to sleep lately. You can tell that she is just exhausted. A lot of times she will not let me put her down and wants my nipple in her mouth all the time. It is hard...I really wish she would have taken a pacifier but oh well. Sometimes I will get her down for the night and she will wake up within 15 minutes. We are still swaddling her. I stopped for a couple days but she was waking up constantly. I don't know, she is just so different than Graydon ever was! We still co-sleep sometimes in the early morning when I'm too exhausted to wake myself up fully to feed her but it's hard sleeping on my side because it hurts my back and once again she wants to nurse the entire time so I don't really get much sleep. She has finally started take about two naps a day for me, but they are in the swing. I notice when she is getting tired, nurse her and can typically put her in the swing when she is drowsy. She is getting more active so I think that is helping make her more tired. I am also wondering if I'm putting her to bed too late at night. I've tried doing it earlier but then it will take several hours sometimes to get her sleeping. Looking back on my blog, Graydon was still napping in the swing at this point as well!

 Nora is wearing all 6 month clothing now! She has some really cute little summer outfits that I'm loving!

She is still really loving her play mat and jumpy. She does this thing in the jumpy where she jumps on her right foot and kicks her left foot out really fast, it is so cute. By the end of this month she is really moving around a ton now, so she usually ends up off the play mat quick. She is starting to roll all over the place and today I found her almost off the living room run and on the hardwood floor!

She barely spits up anymore and has not been drooling as much lately, so no bibs yet still, only when feeding solids.

Nora is really talking a lot now. She says da da da a lot, and also sort of sounds like she says bananas. She also does this sort of whispery throat sound that is hilariously cute. Can't explain what it sounds like though. 

Nora is still trying to "sit up" a lot and loves playing with her feet!

One big thing this month is that I realized Nora has a really bad upper lip tie which I'm sure has affected our nursing. Her top lip doesn't flange out as properly as it should and we're currently looking into getting it fixed. I guess if it doesn't get fixed before her teeth come in she will most likely have a huge gap. :(

Nora did really great when we went to the movies for the first time. I pretty much nursed her and she fell asleep. She woke up once or twice and I just nursed her to sleep again. It went great! Graydon seemed to love it as well but thought it was "too loud" and was getting antsy towards the end.

Nora seems to be ticklish, just like Graydon. Her laugh is pretty cute! She thinks it's funny if I make goofy noises at her and she will also laugh when I blow on her belly or neck.

Nora definitely lets us know if she is unhappy. If she is tired or wants to eat or be held, and you dare put her down, she gets SO mad. She is drama! Lol. She gets this look on her face like she is SO hurt. And she likes to scream too. She is such a stinker.

When she is nursing she loves to play with my hair and sometimes pulls it. I have been wearing a nursing necklace lately and that seems to help. It also helps her to stay focused instead of turning around to watch TV. She also gets really focused on Graydon if he is being loud...she LOVES to watch him play!

Nora can sort of sit up now but it only lasts for a second. We are working on it!

Something that I just thought of that she loves to do is run her fingers along the textured side of the co-sleeper. She also loves to play with the wipes. She loves the sounds both make! I've also had to give her either a rattle or this little puppy that sounds crunchy when you touch it or chew on it, to keep her distracted sometimes. She loves stuff that makes noises. Also her Sophie and other toy that are like squeaky toys.

Nora has rolled over several times now, which is ahead of Graydon!! He was a lot stronger at this point standing wise, but she doesn't like to stand for too long yet.

She does not have any teeth coming through yet.

Well I that is all for now. I love when Nora is is so sweet and smiley. But when she mad, watch out! Maybe sort of sounds like her Mama...haha :)

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