Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Nora-4 Months Old

Highlights from the past month:

John Ball Zoo with Nancy
Visiting cousin Misty and Great Grandpa Bob and Grandma Billie
Jazz at the Zoo on Monday evenings
Wednesday morning play dates at Marci's house
Chris's first Father's Day with Graydon AND Nora
Mornings playing at the park
Cutlerville parade
Lunch with Mandi and Mary
Traveling to the east side of the state to meet Great JaJa and Busha and cousins, and visiting the farm.
Chris's Graduation party
Visiting Grandma Dottie with the PALM riders
Play date at Heidi's

At Nora's 4 month appointment, she weighed 11 lbs. 11.5 oz and was in the 5-15%. She is still a peanut! She was  24.75 inches long, 50% and her head was 15.75 inches, 25%.  She is still wearing the size 1-2 Costco diapers, but we will be moving to size 2 soon. Also going to start cloth diapering this month.

I have been leaving Nora a lot more within the past month and it's going well. Chris and I have been trying to do a date night every other week. She takes the bottle well or I will feed her right before we leave and right when we get home.  On Wednesday evenings I have also been doing Zumba so that has been a nice break for me!

Sleep has gotten better within the past month and we only cosleep if it is 5 am or later.  Nora went through a bit of a growth spurt right towards the end of the month and was waking up every 2-3 hours which was rough. She is always up for about an hour but I can usually get it back to sleep.

We are still exclusively breastfeeding, not a drop of formula, woo hoo!  The heat has been rough because it is hard to nurse under the cover when it is so hot out. Nora gets really sweaty and falls asleep and then I can't move because she wakes up and gets ticked, and the cycle repeats. It can be frustrating.

 She is still wearing 3 month sizes and they are starting to get a little bit small.  Some outfits that do not have feet in them, well the pants seem to be a little short. Most of her pants are still HUGE in the waste.

She is now very aware of her surroundings and gets distracted really easily.  Nursing can be a challenge because she likes to pop off a lot and look around, which drives me crazy sometimes!

She has good head control now and is getting better at tummy time. She is still spitting up after some feedings, so we have to keep her upright for a while.

Nora has been drooling a lot lately but we haven't started to use bibs yet. 

She really prefers to be held and played with almost constantly. She is a bit of drama!  But she is so sweet and cute.

Nora is now really smiley and giggles and laughs...it is adorable. She loves her little toys and likes to put them in her mouth. She has gotten really good at grabbing her bugs on her carseat.

Nora has rolled both ways now. She is not yet strong enough to really "stand" yet though. 

She discovered her feet towards the end of the month and extends them out. It reminds me of being a cheerleader, so I have been calling her a little cheerleader lately. She also tries to "sit up" constantly, so I tell Chris that she is doing her little baby sit-ups!

Nora has gotten a lot better at napping and takes usually two good naps for me now, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. She will typically take a short one before bedtime now too.

Nora is still sleeping in the swaddler at night, which I would really like to get rid of soon but she really sleeps well in it so we will keep at it! During the day she naps in her swing with a muslin blanket lightly wrapped around her.

One of our struggles besides nursing outside under the cover has been the heat this summer in general, and it has not even been that hot out! But Nora does not seem to tolerate it well and gets cranky very easily, which makes it hard to spend very long periods of time outside. Oh well though, summer will be over before we know it! I am nervous that she will not get to wear a lot of her 6 month summer clothing because it may still be too big for her, but oh well, we will see!

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