Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Nora-Three Months Old

This past month has been such a whirlwind, and we have been keeping SO busy!

Here are some highlights from the past month:

Toddler Time at the library
Wednesday morning play dates at Marci's house
Mornings playing at the park
Tulip Time Festival
Emma's Dedication
Carb Dinner at the Grant's house before the 5/3 River Bank Run
Dinner with the Corbins
Dinner with the VanderRoests
First Mother's Day with both kiddos <3 p="">Sushi with the Boermas
Fruitport Old Fashion Days and Memorial Day weekend with Family

This past month I left Nora for the first time. I was gone for around 2 hours and 45 minutes and she took the bottle fine from Chris.  I did hair and makeup for a wedding. I was a little bit stressed for sure, but she did fine!

Sleep has also been rough lately.  She usually goes to sleep somewhere around 10ish and will sleep for a couple of hours, but after she would wake up for the first time I would pull her into bed with us and co-sleep, and I just was NOT sleeping well at all. We are working on all of that.  I love to co-sleep but I just am not a good Mama on little sleep.

We are still exclusively breastfeeding which has been awesome. She has been going longer in between feedings too which makes it a lot easier to do stuff around the house, run an errand etc. 

I am pretty sure she weighs around 11 lbs. now. She seems really long which is everyone's first comment about her. "Wow she is SO long, but such a little peanut!"  Still wearing size 1 diapers.

Her skin is so silky and soft but she has the same eczema hot spots just like Graydon did. She is definitely sensitive and will have little breakouts just from nursing and rubbing against my skin if she gets too sweaty and I'm sure the heat doesn't help with that. Otherwise her baby acne has been all cleared up.  I have to be careful with diaper rashes with her as well. Bag balm seems to work awesome as a skin protectant for her. We will be cloth diapering again soon as well, I just need her butt to get a little big bigger! :) She is officially wearing 3 month sizes and they fit her perfectly. Some outfits that do not have feet in them, well the pants seem to be a little short. Some of her pants are HUGE in the waste.

She is a lot more aware of her surroundings and has become very smiley, it is so cute! She especially loves to focus on Graydon and seems very interested in what he is doing.

She has pretty good head control but hates tummy time, so we have to work on that. I am still nervous about her spitting up after feedings. In all honesty she probably spends way too much time on her back than on her stomach. She just starts to cry which I hate! I am usually trying to keep her happy so I can get something done, haha!

She has really discovered her hands the past couple of weeks as well. She is almost always looking at them and putting them in her mouth, and/or sucking on them.
She is still loving her play mat but even more so seems to enjoy laying in her crib by her little toys and looking at her mobile. I absolutely love that thing. Graydon loved it too when he was a baby.
She is also content for short periods of time in the swing or her bouncy seat. I like to put the seat in the kitchen when I am cleaning in there. I have to keep an eye on her since Graydon tried to pick her up a few times...talk about scaring the crap out of me!!  One day he carried her across our wood floor from her swing to the bouncy seat. I am so lucky he didn't drop her. I went downstairs for literally two minutes...anyways...being A LOT more careful now!

Nora is not a good napper at all. She will take little cat naps and they usually last like 5-10 minutes, which can make for a cranky baby! It doesn't help that Graydon likes to wake her up, which drives me nuts of course.  He likes to run up to her and yell WAKE UP JEFF!! which is from "The Wiggles."  Anyways, I can typically get one really good nap out of her after lunchtime that is like 2-3 hours long. I have to swaddle her up, nurse her to sleep and put her in the swing. I usually will try to get as much stuff done during that time as I can, or take a nap myself depending on how tired I am feeling that day.

At night Nora sleeps in a onesie and her swaddler. Our upstairs is pretty warm so that works out well.

She definitely knows my voice and if she hears it can spot me quickly. Chris and I joke around about how she is like a little radar, it's hilarious!

Nora also seems to like to watch TV occasionally. If I am busy feeding her or doing something we will put a video or show on for Graydon. It's not ideal but sometimes you gotta make it work so naturally she is watching it too.

She also loves to be outside and look around.

Well, that is all for a 3 month update!

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