Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Nora-Two Months Old

I cannot believe Nora is two months old already. I am especially feeling blessed this week because technically I would have had to go back to work yesterday! It has been great being a SAHM. It is truly hard work but I do love it so much!

Nora is growing but is still a little peanut! Everyone comments about how cute and little she is. On Friday we had her two month check up and she got her vaccinations.  She was 9 lb. and 8 oz. which is in the 15th percentile.  Her pediatrician was not worried at all though because she is 23 1/4 inches long, so she is definitely growing! That was 85th percentile. We just tend to have long, lean, banana babies. :)  Her head was 14 3/4 inches, 25th percentile.  The pediatrician said she was looking great and strong, so that made me happy.

She is definitely getting stronger and is getting better head control.  She loves to be sitting up and looking around and held over your shoulder. 

She is really starting to enjoy laying on her play mat and looking up at the toys and we can now put her under there and have her be content for like 10-20 minutes depending. Same thing with her swing and bouncy chair. I also put the dangle toys on her car seat and she really notices them now and enjoys watching them when we are driving and out and about. 

Nora is still wearing size 1 diapers. We are still going through the diapers that people have given us (such a blessing!) and because of her size I am not sure yet when we still start to cloth diaper. It is definitely easier when they are a little bit bigger.  I am thinking sometime around 3-4 months but maybe sooner because I really do not want to have to spend any money on diapers if we do not have to!

Nora is still wearing some newborn sleepers sometimes but they are small now, as she is a bit too long for them.  It is hard because a lot of 0-3 months sizes fit her length wise but she is still sort of swimming in them. I am also sad to have her be out of her cute newborn sleepers but I will most likely put the newborn sizes away in the next week or so. She definitely doesn't fit into any newborn onesies, but newborn pants still fit her OK, especially in the waist.  3 month onesies are still way too big.

Nora is smiling up a storm and is slowly starting to coo and talk to us. It is so cute! When she is fed and dry she is a happy baby for the most part.

Her hair is getting a lot longer too, and it is almost just like Graydon's was. It is a bit lighter though and she does not have as much on the top of her head as he did.

Nicknames we (or mostly I) call her:  Chubbers, chubby cheeks, cutie cheeks, cutie toes, pretty girl, Miss Nora, crazy hair, cute girl....lol.  Just comes out I guess!

This past month was Nora's first Easter, and also her Daddy's Graduation for his 2nd Masters degree.

Nora is still nursing on demand which has been going well. I still get frustrated once and a while and get nervous but I'm really trying to not get stressed and trust my body in giving her what she needs etc. I am still pumping once in the AM and have a good stash of frozen milk in the freezer which is hilarious because I do not know when we will use it. I wish I had had all this milk with Graydon! Nora has only had one bottle, which was like two weeks ago on a Saturday morning when I was doing hair. Chris gave her 3 oz. and she did a great job drinking it so I don't think we will have a problem there. This Saturday I have to do makeup and hair for a bride so it will be the first time I am leaving Nora at home and both of the kids with Chris. He says he isn't nervous, lol. I am hoping she will only need one bottle during that time period. Since I will be working for like 2 hours I won't really be able to pump.

Nora is still sleeping great for the most part. She starts off in the co-sleeper next to our bed and then ends up sleeping next to me whenever she wakes up next and it works out great.

We are still using MAM pacis but she isn't really loving them yet and still spitting them out which is fine. We barely use them.

Nora is still loving bath time and I just love seeing her and Graydon in the bath together!

Her baby acne is pretty much gone but I can tell she has sensitive skin just like Graydon. She has occasional breakouts if she gets too sweaty or right after her bath etc, even though I am using the gentlest of soap and lotion.

Graydon is really good with her and very sweet. He loves to come up to her and give her hugs and kisses, and say HI! Hi Nora! to make her smile, it is adorable.  

I think that is all for now. I am really just trying to enjoy her as much as possible, and I really feel like I am since I am staying home. I just love looking at her little sweet face, hands, feet etc. And her skin is so soft! I just love her chubby cheeks and chin, and the little rolls on her legs. She brings us much joy!

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