Thursday, March 28, 2013

Nora is ONE Month Old!

Today is also Chris and I's 7th anniversary, so it is a special day today.

I cannot believe that the last month has flown by so quickly. Where did it go? Nora is such a sweet baby.  She still seems to cry a lot on and off but it has gotten much better and we seem to be getting a decent routine down throughout the day.

We nurse on demand. She is a strong sucker and loves to suck on her hands if she can (since she was born.) She has not yet had a bottle and I'm not sure if we will do that for a while. I pump about 2 oz. every morning and have been freezing them in 5 oz. bags for later on if we need them sometime. I have not bothered seeing a lactation consultant this time around like I did with Graydon. I am just trying to be more relaxed with nursing and going with the flow. She seems to be getting big and has a lot of wet and dirty diapers so she must be getting what she needs!
She is still wearing newborn sizes. My favorite outfits are her Little Dear pink sleeper outfit, her teal striped monkey sleeper, the bright polka dot cupcake sleeper, and all of the outfits that have hearts on them that she had got around Valentine's Day before she was born.
We are using size 1 diapers. They are a bit too big but I refuse to buy more newborn size which she will just have blowouts in anyways. 
She is starting to smile a bit.
She sleeps great at night. She usually falls asleep around 11 to midnight and will sleep until 6 AM, it has been AWESOME. She usually starts out in the Arms Reach cosleeper right next to me but sometimes we end up cosleeping in the bed and fall asleep while she is nursing. It's the easiest way to get her to fall back asleep in the middle of the night.
She is a huge cuddler and sleeps well if I am holding her (or someone else too) but she seems to prefer her Mama! She is letting Chris hold her more often now. The only way I can get her to sleep for a decent period of time is swaddling her and putting her in the bouncy chair with a paci while it vibrates.
We are using MAM pacifiers occasionally and she is getting a bit better at keeping it in her mouth.
This past month we had her first St. Patrick's Day. Graydon was a big ill so we stayed home and did not do anything too special. We did get cute pictures though!
She is starting to coo a bit more.
She is starting to hold her head up a little bit, but definitely not as strong as Graydon was at this age.
We haven't really put it her on tummy at yet because she was spitting up so much for a while. I have cut most of the dairy out of my diet so I think that is helping.
I am guessing she weighs over 9 lbs. now since at 2 weeks she weighed 8 lbs. 12 oz. and was 21 inches long. 
She has a couple of little pimples here and there but does not have baby acne near as bad as Graydon did at 1 month!
She seems to hate her car seat right now but I think it will get better. Usually once we start driving she is OK.
She has only had a couple of bathes but seems to love them instantly. It seems she really likes being in the water, and it is adorable having her take a bath with Graydon.
Her umbilical cord had some issues at first but it is pretty much totally healed now.
When people comment on her they usually tell us what a beautiful baby she is. I know we are biased, but we agree! She is very sweet.  We also get a lot of comments about how she has a pretty name.

I am sort of sad that a month has went by already. I do not want her to get big too fast.  I just want to enjoy my sweet tiny baby.  I need to remember that when I am trying to do too many things around the house. It is hard to keep up with everything though, with having a toddler running around as well. The days fly by and there never seems to be enough hours to get things done, even though I am home all day, it is crazy! Trying to enjoy my time as much as possible though.

Pictures to come later.

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congratulations!!! she is so beautiful!!