Friday, February 17, 2012

11 Months Old

* Once again this post is very late. I am so happy that I am good about taking pictures, and updating things on Facebook, which have been extremely helpful in helping me remember little details!

Graydon is weighing around 24 lbs. and still wearing size 4 disposable diapers. He is now wearing all 12 month clothing still but wears 18 month pajamas.

He is still eating great. He eats solids for breakfast, lunch and dinner and has bottles in between and before bed. Still gets up once at night and has a diaper change and bottle. He drinks well from a sippy cup as long as it has a straw.

Graydon is walking now! He started walking at 10.5 months old. He is doing so well and is all over the place!
All of a sudden he is also pointing at things constantly. He is so cute and curious. He has also started clapping on demand etc.

Still hates getting dressed and throws little tantrums, but this is all normal behavior for his age.

No new teeth besides the 4.

Same nap routine, usually for about 3 hours a day, one in morning and one in the afternoon.

Still going to bed around 7:30 and goes right down.

One of the big things that happened this past month was that we dedicated Graydon (actually dedicated ourselves to raising him to love and know Jesus.) This was a very special day for us and we were blessed to be able to share it with close friends and family.

We have also attended Jazz at the Zoo a couple of times. It is hard because he wants to be all over the place and will not sit still, but thankfully food is always a good distraction! We hope that he grows up loving an eclectic, variety of music like we do.

Chris turned 31 this past month as well. We celebrated by eating at Hop Cat and Graydon did terrific. He absolutely LOVED the fish and chips, we were so proud of him!

We also attended Sage's Birthday party this month and Graydon had a great time playing with all of the little kids.

Graydon also experienced his first trip to the cabin in Caseville this month, which he did very well. It was a fun experience letting him walk in the mucky sand/water in the lake. We also went all the way over to Verona to see my family for a Family Reunion. A lot of people had not met Graydon yet so that was very fun for us!

Towards the end of the month Chris and I took a trip to Chicago for a couple days before his very last busy year of school started. Graydon stayed with Chris's parents for the weekend and did wonderful. We are blessed that they are willing to do that for us occasionally!

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