Monday, August 22, 2011

10 Months Old

This post is WAY late. I wrote this in August of last year. I am totally kicking myself for not keeping up on this blog better. Well I am trying to catch up the best I can!

Graydon is getting so big. He weighs around 23 lbs. and wears size 4 disposable diapers. He is mostly wearing 9-12 month clothing still but wears 18 month pajamas.

He is eating great. He eats solids for breakfast, lunch and dinner and has bottles in between and before bed. He usually still gets up one time during the night for a small bottle as well.
He also drinks pretty well from his sippy cup.
For purees he loves any sort of fruit, and also eats mixed vegetables, peas, carrots, squash and sweet potatoes. We have been having him try a lot more regular food. He loves chicken and will eat some vegetables and fruit.
His favorite "snackies" as I call them, are puffs, arrowroot cookies, little crunchies, carrot wheels and fruit and veggie bites.

He is crawling really well and pulling himself up on everything. We think he will be walking soon!

Bath time is harder because he is constantly wanting to stand up in the tub. The boy does not sit still!

Still obsessed with the dog bowls. Anytime he hears us put the food in the bowls he comes crawling as quick as he can. You think he thinks it's his turn to eat...haha!

He hates getting dressed and likes to throw little tantrums when we change his diaper. We started flicking him on the thigh and it seemed to work.

Has 4 teeth, two on top and two on bottom.

Graydon naps very well, usually for about 3 hours a day, one in morning and one in the afternoon.

He loves the remote control, or our phones. Anything he can push buttons on that he isn't supposed to have... :)

Goes to bed around 7:30 and usually goes right down.

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