Friday, July 15, 2011

9 Months Old

Experiencing very hot weather for the first time, in the 90's; wearing sunscreen for the first time

Showing signs of getting excited by stiffening up and waving his arms up and down; showing signs of excitement with food

Friday, June 10th, using a sippy cup really well for the first time!

First foods, watermelon, tried some pistachio dessert which was just little licks of pistachio pudding and whipped cream (he really liked it, lol.)

Last week we went for the longest bike ride yet which was a little over 12 miles and he did great! During the ride he took about a one hour nap.

He is getting really good at "hugging."

Still eating the same amount of food.

Is obsessed with trying to play with the metal thing that turns to plug the bathtub while he is taking a bath!
Still loves to watch his ceiling fan.

Attended his Great Grandparents 65th Anniversary party.

Went to his first official cookout!
Played with Mommy in a hammock.

Mid June Graydon all of sudden started doing so many new things. All of a sudden he could sit up on his own. Totally freaked me out. A couple hours later and I walk out of the room and walk back in and he is standing along the couch.
Then he starts to creep on the floor. By Father's Day, June 19th, he officially crawled for the first time. He is all over the place now. It is hilarious because he only really crawls with his left knee and then walks with his right foot. He is getting quite the little rug burn on his left leg. About a week later he started pulling himself up on everything and now he is a pro. He is crawling all over the house, exploring and getting into everything. He likes to be near us though, in the same room. He has gotten good at crawling up to you and pulling himself up on your legs, it is cute.
The second he start sitting up on his own and we realized he could pull himself up, we moved his crib all the way down the very next day.

He is sleeping well at night but still gets up one time for a quick diaper change and feeding, usually about 4-5 oz.

Not sure how much he weighs but is wearing 9 month clothing, fitting perfectly. 12-18 month pajamas fit him best.

Size 4 diapers

Went to the zoo in Lansing with his cousins, and sat on a giraffe statue. It was so cute.

Tried his first "teething biscuit" and really liked it.

Attending cousin Adam and Nataleigh's Dedication.

He loves to play with the dog bowls and has even tried putting a piece of dog food in his mouth.

Loves to stand and look out the window.

Played in the kiddy pool this month! Hot weather!

Stayed a couple nights at Grandpa Bob and Grandma Jeanne's over 4th of July weekend!

Loves his Gerber Puffs, any flavor.

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Mrs. Chapman's 2nd Grade Class said...

Love the update! He's growing so fast! When did you introduce the puffs...I mean how old was he?