Wednesday, May 25, 2011

7 Months Old

*This is 3 weeks late, yikes!*

7 months old. Time is flying by, as usual.

Not too much has changed since last month, except he is sitting up completely unassisted now and also can roll over with no problems.He is also sitting up by himself in the bathtub now, and loves to splash and play with his toys.

He is not crawling yet but definitely moves around a little bit. We have seen him kinda scootch backwards a couple of times, and one time he even got his legs stuck under the couch when we left the room for 2 minutes. He was not happy but it was so cute at the same time! We have also put him in a walker that Chris's mom got for their house but he doesn't quite understand what to do yet. His favorite thing is still to stand up while you are holding him and jump up and down or sway back and forth and "dance."

I think he weighs over 18 lbs. not but not for sure.

One of our favorite things to do is blow on his belly while getting him dressed. I also always say “Peek a boo!” when I pull his shirt over his head. He is soo ticklish!

I think that he is going to be getting a tooth soon, although I say this every month!

Graydon still likes his jumpy but I try not to put him in it too much anymore since he is sitting up well now and playing with his toys.

He is still standing like a champ while we hold him and whatnot. Everyone always comments about how he sways back and forth, it is so funny!

Like I said before, he is rolling over from his back to his stomach now and once he figured it out now he does it all the time. It sort of seemed to happen all the time! But now it’s like he forgot how to roll back over the other way. He “gets stuck” on his stomach and doesn’t like it, and then gets all mad. It is sort of cute though.

He is still napping a lot in his carseat at daycare, especially if they are running errands and his swing at home. I want to break this next month!

Graydon is still fitting into Carter’s 6 month onesies, but fits best into 9-12 month pajamas. Summer is coming soon so I cannot wait to get him into all of his cute shorts and little t-shirts!

Still wearing Size 3 diapers.

Graydon has tried some more foods since last month. Altogether now he has now tried: sweet potatoes, squash, bananas, apples, peaches, peas, carrots, pears, and green beans. He has also eaten a few puffs here and there (sweet potato flavored.) He eats solids once during the day and once in the evening.

He usually eats around 6 oz. bottles now, about 4-5 during the day and one at night, depending. He is such a good little eater and getting so big!

His favorite words to say over and over and over are Dada da da da. He hasn’t been saying ba ba ba much lately.

Graydon saw the Easter Bunny this month as well! That was of course more fun for Mommy, as he didn't know much of what was going on. I also made the mistake of not letting him sleep long enough so when the picture was taken he had just woke up and wasn't too smiley yet. Oh well, it is still cute!

Graydon has been feeling better somewhat this month but then he caught his cousin’s cold. He has been sniffling and coughing a lot again lately, and then we all got sick as well. Compared to the RSV though, this has been easy.

One big thing that has happened this month is Graydon has officially taken his first big trip and traveled out of state! We went to Olathe, Kansas for my brother’s wedding. We left on Wednesday, April 27th and drove straight through the night. I figured that it would be easier because then hopefully Graydon would sleep most of the time. He did so well! He woke up a lot when we stopped to get gas and use the bathrooms. I would take that opportunity to change his diaper, feed him quick if he needed it and usually he would go right back to sleep! We drove though Indiana, Illinois, Missouri and then on into Kansas. It was difficult to get him to sleep well there but we made it work. Usually he would sleep for a couple of hours in his crib, wake up, we would feed him and then he would sleep the rest of the night with us in the bed. That seemed to work well. And it was so warm down there! It was like his first little taste of summer. It got so hot after the wedding on Saturday and into the reception he spent the evening wearing just a onesie and the poor little man was still sweating like crazy! The ride home was a whole other story. We left early Sunday morning a little after 7 and didn’t get home until after 9 pm. It was such a LONG drive! Graydon was ok at first but after a couple hours in that carseat he wanted out! I tried my best to entertain him with toys, puffs and anything else I could think of. On the way home Chris wanted to stop in Springfield, IL and see Abraham Lincoln’s tomb.I will post a picture of Graydon visiting his first National Monument...of many I am sure!

Graydon has been going to sleep around 8-8:30 most nights. It seems that he is getting more tired earlier and earlier. He also sleeps mostly on his stomach now that he has learned that he can flip over. At first I did not like it AT ALL. But, then I realized that he was doing it every night and there was no way that we could prevent it from happening. I guess he is more comfortable that way! Ever since he started doing this it seems like he has been sleeping better. Some nights he will sleep all the way through, but usually he wakes up right around 3-4 am and will eat about 5 oz. It has also been getting easier to get him to sleep, but some nights he still fights it. He loves to lay in his crib and look up at his mobile.

I think that is about all for now!

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Wow I cannot believe he is almost EIGHT months!!!

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